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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  April 26, 2014 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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in jail, take our freedom. government spying is a much bigger threat than anything business might do. that's our show for tonight. see you next week. >> hello. welcome to a brand new hour of america's news headquaters. >> topping the news this hour, tougher sanctions against russia could be coming in a matter of days as pro-russian separatists in ukraine are holding them hostage. >> and there's controversy swirling around the owner of one of the nba teams. have you heard about this? disturbing audio recordings have
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come to light. >> plus a public out cry. why labor unions are lashing out at the obama administration while protestors rally in the nation's capitol. >> we begin with the high profile presidential trip to asia dominated by the crisis in ukraine as well as tension with north korea. president ball balm in asia today becoming the first u.s. leader to visit the country in nearly half a century. it's the third stop on his tour of asia aimed at building closer tie with the u.s. allies in the region. chief white house correspondent ed henry is live from malaysia with more, ed. >> good to see you. you're right. the first u.s. president since lyndon johnson to visit this asian nation. they would love to talk about the good will here, trade ties. a big steak dinner for the president as well as the search for the missing malaysian airlines jet which u.s. law
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enforcement agencies including the fbi have been helping a lot with. but you're right that ukraine hows of miles away has been the focus. not just here in malaysia but the previous two stops in south korea and japan because the situation on the ground there appears to be deteriorating. you've had the interim prime minister suggesting that what vladimir putin really wants to do is spark a third world war. that put the president on defense. he's been scrambling on this trip and talking to european leaders to come up with the new round of u.s. sanctions coming on monday but also european sanctions may be coming as well. bottom line, though, they're not likely to be the sort of large sector sanctions pointed at say the energy and banking sectors, et cetera. the president teed this up by saying this is probably an interim round of sanctions before maybe even more down the road. >> what's also important is laying the ground work so that if and when we see even greater
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escalation, perhaps even military incursion by russia into ukraine we're prepared for the sanctions that would have even larger consequences. >> so now he is suggesting that the wider sanctions targeting specific sectors of the russian economy would be coming if those russian troops actually go deeper into ukraine. not in this step now in the next few days. republicans like dan coats back in washington have been charging the president should go after those sectors because right now he's projecting weakness to vladimir putin. listen. >> what's the signal been to putin? all talk and no action. whether it's sanctions on their financial or banking, or cripple their economy, nothing has been done. what message does this send? you can do anything you want to do because the united states is toothless. >> so the big question is
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whether this new round of sanctions coming in a couple of days. european sanctions we're hearing about, will they have teeth and put more pressure on vladimir putin. the president will be meeting. he gets back to washington late tuesday and later in the week will be meeting with merkel, the german chancellor who has been key to the diplomacy. the ukraine situation following him here to asia but will also be front and center when he gets back to washington. >> thank you very much. >> more on the crisis in ukraine which shows no signs of easing. pro-russian separatists are holding a group of observers and accusing them of being spies. he is asking them to try to take steps to free the observers. meanwhile, those sanctions could be slapped on moscow in a couple of days all in an attempt to try to slow down vladimir putin but
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the 30,000 russian troops are posed on the ukrainian border. >> reporter: all signs in this crisis are digging in and doubling down. the russian separatists are willing to train the international observers they are holding hostage for prisoners from the ukrainian government. the egovernment says they're holding them as human shields. they have not moved in they say due in large part to their fear of heavy civilian causalities if they have to fight house to house by the well armed russian separatists. speaking of the russians, they're continuing to support the separatists. they will use force here in ukraine if their interest or citizens are threatened. this week marks a significant number of russian military drills on the ukrainian border. sometimes happening within just a mile or so of the border.
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some 40,000 russian troops right now are waiting the invasion order from president vladimir putin who says he reserves the right to use force. earlier today we went out and visited the ukrainian and russian border to get a sense of what they'll be facing. all that's there is one very large trench. it's about 1 feet wide. 8 feet deep. military experts say in world war ii that would have been a defensive position against the modern russian army with it's tanks and well trained men. it probably wouldn't be much more than a speed bump. eric, back to you. >> we'll need a bigger trench. >> eric, nato now investigating what caused a deadly helicopter crash in afghanistan. a taliban spokesman claims insurgents shot down the british helicopter today. however, nato says it has no reports of enemy activity in the area. five nato troops were killed. meanwhile, officials have identified the american doctors
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killed in a hospital in kabul. father and son gary and john gable were shot to death by a security guard thursday. pediatrician was also killed in the attack. meanwhile, the nba is now investigating what it is calling a quote, disturbing and offensive comments allegedly made by one of the team owners. the controversy erupting after tmz posted what it says is an audio recording of los angeles clippers owner donald sterling. on the tape a man identified as sterling tells his girlfriend not to bring black people to the games, not even basketball legend magic johnson. dommic is live in los angeles with more. >> reporter: quite inflammatory stuff. there's no independent confirmation that the voice on the recording is sterling but tmz sports is identifying it as that of the clippers owner. they say it has an argument between him and his girlfriend.
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tmz sports got it's hands on and a male voice is heard criticizing the woman from posting photos of herself online with magic johnson. >> people call you and tell you that i have black people on my instagram and it bothers you. >> yeah, it bothers me a lot that you want to broadcast that you're associating with black people. do you have to. >> you associate with black people. >> i'm not you and you're not me. you're supposed to be a delicate white or a delicate latina girl. >> well after they discuss her admiration for johnson the man could be heard to say this. >> don't put him on instagram for the world to have to see to they have to tell me and don't bring him to my games, okay. >> the male voice goes on to say he hears that very strongly and doesn't want her to hate black
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people but quote love them privately. the man then questions if she is stupid if she asked him if it matters about someone's color and he asks her to stop seeing the man in the photo. eventually he says that he loves black people when she challenges him for being racist. no indication when the recording was made or by whom. but as that investigation by the nba swiftly got underway it issued this statement. the remarks heard on the recording are disturbing and offensive. but at this time we have no further information. well, magic johnson took to twitter saying he and his wife would never go to a clippers game again as long as sterling owned the team and he added this i feel sorry for my friends that they have to work for a man that feels about african americans this way. and he described the comments in the recording as, quote, a black eye for the nba. sterling together with the clippers organization say they don't know if the tape is legitimate or has been altered
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but they add that the woman in the tape is a defendant in a $1.8 million embezzlement lawsuit with the sterling family and the views on the recording don't reflect sterling's own personal believes. it's quite a story. >> certainly there's have more investigations and statements as the week unfolds. thank you very much. >> meanwhile, the 16-year-old accused of stabbing to death a classmate at their connecticut school could be charged as an adult. he is now charged as a juvenile with the murder of 16-year-old marion sanchez. the day of their junior prom. his lawyer says he is undergoing a psych evaluation. on friday, instead of going to prom, sanchez's classmates gathered on the beach in their formal wear to remember the popular teen releasing balloons in her favorite color, purple. >> what a tragedy. now to another tragedy. the heartbreaking situation of the south korean ferry accident.
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authorities there are now arresting all 15 crew members of the ship. prosecutors say they are accused of negligence and failing to help the passengers. the official death toll has now risen to 187. as divers continue to recover body pies from the sunken ship. still, 115 passengers. most of those were the high school students on the trip. well, they remain unaccounted for. search teams are also using fishing nets around the boat to try and prevent bodies from potentially being swept out to sea. >> a congressional investigation is underway looking into circumstances behind the deaths of dozens of veterans in arizona. they allegedly died while waiting for appointments at va faciliti facilities. now the director of the phoenix health care system is accused of fudging the records to conceal those lengthy delays. the washington correspondent has more. >> when 71-year-old navy veteran thomas breen moved to mesa,
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arizona he wanted to continue getting care from the va hospital because a va hospital in brooklyn always receipted him well. so when breen who has a family history of cancer found blood in his urine he went to the closest va hospital in phoenix in september. he died in november. the va hospital finally followed up with him about an appointment in december. a month too late. here's how his daughter-in-law describes the treatment. >> horrible. they didn't give him any respect as a veteran. they didn't help him. >> officials at the phoenix va hospital reportedly kept two sets of books so that long wait times were not reflected in their records. now calls are growing louder for the feds to step up and take better care of vets. >> this is just the tip of the iceberg. anyone who follows va knows these types of paper shuffling happen across the country. vets have been aware of it.
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>> the va says their inspector general is on it and quote veterans deserve to have full faith in their va health care. va facilities are committed to transparency and undergo multiple reviews every year to ensure it's safety and quality. the chairman of the affairs committee says we should expect hearings on this horrifying story soon. >> peter, thank you very much. well, tomorrow promises to be a very special sunday morning at the vatican. and the world will witness the historic canaization of two popes in one ceremony. pope john paul iii who lead the church million his death in 1963. lauren green has a look at the unexpected reform he brought to the church an vatican too.
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>> he is called the good pope and after this weekend pope john xxiii will be called a saint in the catholic church. normally two miracles are needed for saint hood but prone francis waved the requirement for a second miracle for pope john because of his life of piety and holiness. >> he exuded a sort of humility, spirituality, and charity for people. he visited prisons as pope. he was very much like francis or francis is very much like pope john in that outreach to people. >> elected at the age of 73 the elderly pope john was supposed to be a care taker pontiff. not expected to do much but warm the thrown. but just a few months into his papacy he called for the second vatican council. it was a meeting of the world's bishops that brought the church into the modern era and shook
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things up. >> it took the cardinals by surprise to say the very least. they sat there open mouthed when they heard pope john, newly crowned pope state this in january of 1959 and there was an immediate reaction. like what the heck is this all about. >> pope john xxiii died one year after the counsel began it's work. nearly five years into his papacy. taking part in the historic vatican was someone who would carey on the legacy when he became pope john paul ii. in new york, lauren green, fox news. >> and we will have live continuing coverage of the historic vatican ceremony starting at 4:00 in the morning, tomorrow, sunday morning, right here on the fox newschannel. later on in this hour we'll talk live with the care taker of the pope john paul ii's legacy at a shrine in washington d.c. on the
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eve of his sainthood. i bet you didn't know there was a shrine for the pope here in washington. we'll take a look and ask him about it. >> very good. >> yeah. >> well, ahead, thousands of prisoners may soon be released early from the president's clemency program. we'll look at the political fall out. >> millions across a broad section of the country bracing for dangerous weather tonight as forecasters call for severe storms. they think there will be hail and even tornados in some spots. >> wow and the white house taking hits from both sides on the keystone pipeline. our political panel tackles the red shot issue which has been in limbo on capitol hill for years. >> the unions support it. the states along the proposed routes support it. and it has bipartisan support here in the congress of the united states. and yet the president decided to reject it anyway. what you wear to bed is your business.
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i'm taking off, but, uh, don't worry. i'm gonna leave the tv on for you. and if anything happens, don't forget about the new xfinity my account app. you can troubleshoot technical issues here. if you make an appointment, you can check out the status here. you can pay the bill, too. but don't worry about that right now. okay. how do i look? ♪ thanks. [ male announcer ] troubleshoot, manage appointments, and bill pay from your phone. introducing the xfinity my account app. well, after five years, another delay for the keystone xl pipeline and that angered some obama supporters. labor unions lashing out at the administration for delaying approval of the project once again along with the jobs they
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say it would create. meanwhile, thousands of keystone opponents rallying in our nation's capitol calling for the president to just kill it. molly is live in washington with the latest. >> hi, eric. president obama is getting an ear full from groups that are usually loyal segments of the democratic base. labor unions and environmentalists. they disagree on the keystone pipeline issue. environme environmentalists were protesting on the national mall today. they're glad president obama delayed the project last week but they want him to kill it all together. joining today were actress darryl hannah and neal young. hannah called it a terrible idea. he said president obama needs to make a statement against the pipeline. >> we need to stop this pipeline which is bringing the really bad fuel from canada from the tail
3:22 pm
of the snake all the way down to the head of the snake in texas. >> president obama's administration announced its going to delay a decision on the pipeline again to allow for more public comment and await a decision on the pipeline by nebraska's supreme court which could push a final decision until after the midterm elections. labor unions want the pipeline and the jobs it would bring. one wrote, quote, our union was among those that twice supported the obama biden ticket and we continue to support many of the president's initiatives but that does not negate our right and obligation to speak out when because of politics the administration fails to stand up for working people and the men and women we represent. he called for the president and his administration to quote, grow a set of antlers and also to quote eat some spinach in order to have the courage and strength to approve the pipeline.
3:23 pm
eric. >> all right. some blunt words there. molly, thank you. >> okay. well, joining us now for a fair and balanced debate on this subject, two fox news contributors, bureau chief at talk radio news service and tammie bruce, radio talk show host. good to see both of you. >> thank you. >> high there. >> tammie, hang on for a second. i'll get to you. >> sure. >> ellen, so if you have labor unions criticizing the president on this, it begs the question where is the president going wrong. >> first of all, the president really can't make a decision until the nebraska courts decide what they're going to do. i hi that's pretty clear because he could be overruled by the court in a second. and then it goes further and whatever. but secondly, the other problem is that this needs to be part of a more comprehensive issue that will keep the labor unions happy and that is developing really green technology that are going to use labor unions so that if he decides against the keystone
3:24 pm
pipeline, labor unions can come along. >> go ahead and jump in tammy. >> well, i don't know green technology, we already tried that and the reality is this is about energy independence and jobs. obama has not hesitated at all about trying to influence courts whether it was the supreme court and obamacare or other courts on issues of immigration. he could take a stand and he should have taken a stand giving and sending a message to the nebraska court about what is important for this country. look, the unions are finding out what it's like to be taken for granted and what every other american experience has been by obama to be thrown under the bus. he doesn't need them. he got elected twice and now he's done. the word is that he is not going to approve this pipeline. he already made his decision and he has just been leading people along. >> the issue is is that whether this pipeline goes through or not it's not necessarily going to make us energy independent. what is is for us to go with green technologies.
3:25 pm
you have places like the uae, united air of emmerants. they're investing heavily in green because they know that's where the job and the economy is going to do. >> the people want to see this keystone pipeline put into place. >> well, you know, i mean, i don't think that's going to satisfy anybody and neither side is going to be very happy is my guess. i mean, which ever way he goes, the other side is going to be upset but the question again is what are we doing as a country to make sure that we are energy independent and we're not pulling things from canada out of the ground that we somehow can be independent on our own. that is going to be green technology. >> this is 45,000 jobs right now. and you know why the middle east is going for green technology because they know fracing and america's oil production is going to make them irrelevant
3:26 pm
when we become independent. talk to ukraine and the entire european situation right now. when they need natural gas and oil and power from us because of what russia is doing. this is not only eliminating 45,000 jobs. it's a slap in the face of america and it is putting europe in even more danger because obama really -- maybe he wants us to go back to a society and maybe the unions are unionize the farmers. >> i have a question for each of you and i want to try to get a quick answer in there. ellen, i'll start with you and i want to hear your response to a claim that the delay is in direct response to an environmental enthusiast or business man with an ulterior motive but he's a super donor to the democratic party. post player bring more than 100 million dollars that wants to stop the pipeline? >> he does want to stop the pipeline and he has put a lot of money behind this but is one person going to direct the democratic party? they have a lot of small donors. >> well, that's not small.
3:27 pm
$100 million is not small. >> i understand but they have a lot of small donors that add up to his $100 million. >> so tammy, your take of the president's decision to continue to delay the decision. if you're saying it's purely political, will this strategy work for the president? >> obviously not. nothing he has done has worked for him. relationships in asia are collapsing. the middle east is collapsing. the world is on the brink of war. we're having people that have been unemployed now for years. a little girl has to hand the first lady a resume from her father that's been out of a job for three years. the decisions obama has made has never been what's best for the country but for the super rich donor like this fellow that didn't like the pipeline to be done. he seems to be making the decisions for obama who doesn't want to govern and who has been selling the nature of his governing. >> i know you're jumping to get in there ellen. you probably want to say that the president does want to
3:28 pm
govern but i don't have time to let you say that. i have to let you go. thank you both. thank you la ladies. it would carry oil from alberta canada to texas if approved. wait until you hear what the canadian ambassador to the u.s. has to say about all of this in his reaction and what our neighbors to the north think about this. check it out tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. eastern time on sunday morning futures. >> and reporting on the controversy tomorrow. meanwhile t sainthood ceremony set to take place tomorrow morning for pope john paul ii and pope john xxiii and take a look at what it's like right now. live pictures of vatican city. look, 28 minutes after midnight and thousands of the faithful are already gathering. coming up, we'll take a look at the legacy of the two popes, next. >> can you imagine them being there? >> wow, amazing.
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3:34 pm
faith was shaped by her devout grandmother. speaking at a conference of methodist women in kentucky. she says her faith helped guide her initiatives at the state department including efforts to fight human trafficking. >> a letter written by a passenger on the titanic selling at auction for $200,000. in the letter the passenger is saying in part, quote, the sailors say we have had a wonderful passage up to now. >> and the faithful are already gathering in vatican city. let's take a look at live pictures from the vatican. as you can see, thousands of people are ready to witness papal history. the ceremony doesn't start for a few hours. let's just listen for a second. listen to that crowd. well, it will be tomorrow morning, the day of the four popes because two living popes will preside over the
3:35 pm
canonization of two others. joining us to talk about the lives of these men is the director of the pope john paul ii shrine in washington defendant c. good to see you. first of all, why these two men? very different and why now. >> well, good to be with you eric. these two men have really shaped the face of catholicism in the 20th and 21st century. of course john xxiii initiated the second vatican council and john paul ii took the teaching of the council and of the church to the four corners of the globe traveling all over the world and during 26 years. >> is it a chance and opportunity for pope francis to try to reconcile the more conservative and or the liberal wings? >> well, i think, you know, these dichotomies, liberal, conservative, you're talking two
3:36 pm
men here, john xxiii and john paul ii these men are beyond those categories. they're really both, as pope francis could say, royal sons of the church. royal sons of the gospel. so, you know, i think the political calculations that we can make too much of that sometimes. >> and how about the religious calculations? the spiritual calculations of these two great men and what they brought to the church? >> well, they brought so much to the church. as i said and shaped the face of catholicism. john paul ii is someone that we all have a very, very close and fond memory of. he has an extraordinary legacy and on a number of different levels. in terms of spirituality his most important legacy is a legacy of love and that is his love for god and his love for the person and that is what caused him or motivated him to really do so much for human
3:37 pm
rights, for human dignity and to reach out to the oppressed and the vulnerable. >> and if we go back to the live pictures for a moment, you have the american flag. there's a sign to san antonio texas honoring pope john paul and what he did with ronald reagan and the soviet union and the fall of the berlin wall against communism. what a legacy. >> well it is an extraordinary legacy and i think history, people have noted at the time but i think history will bear that out about the extraordinary legacy of john paul ii in the tempor temporal sphere in the world as a geopolitical figure. but he's being canonized because of his life of holiness and virtue. not for any accomplishment but just for personal sanctity.
3:38 pm
>> it's 37 minutes after midnight in vatican city. it doesn't start for hours and they're going to brave the evening standing and such an awe inspiring experience waiting for this event tomorrow and for us americans who aren't there, we can go visit your shrine. i'm sure a lot of our viewers don't know there is another shrine. tell us about it. it's in washington d.c. and what we can expect when we go there. >> it's in washington d.c. and, in fact, tomorrow, our name changes. tomorrow we become the saint john paul ii national shrine. and everyone can come here to washington and visit the shrine. what it really does is its the premiere place dedicated to john paul ii and it really -- it is there to answer the question for us and for future generations, who is john paul ii? and what does it mean to have a devotion to him. >> a very special man. a very special place. and a very special ceremony tomorrow. patrick kelly, the executive
3:39 pm
director of the shrine, we thank you. >> thank you, eric. >> and of course you all can join us tomorrow as pope john paul xxiii and pope john paul ii are declared as saints. we'll have this coverage all starting at 4:00 a.m. in the morning. so set alarm or siri or whatever you use right here on the fox newschannel. should be a remarkable historical and spiritual event. >> something worth watching for sure and taking a part of. well, with the weather trying to get warmer in certain places it might be a good idea to check your tires. consumer reports will join us with lot of useful tips to keep you safe on the roads. that's coming up next. >> plus, the obama administration encouraging nonviolent prisoners to apply for early release. what's behind the move. that's coming up as well. >> i'm pleased to announce a department of justice initiative to encourage qualified inmates
3:40 pm
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now the justice department is unveiling a new clemency process directed at nonviolent drug offenders. they say it's an effort to deal with the high costs and overcrowding in prisons and to scale back on the harsh penalties of some drug prosecutions.
3:44 pm
>> we are launching this clemency initiative in order to quickly and effectively identify appropriate candidates. candidates who have a clean prison record. do not present a threat to public safety. and were sentenced under out of date laws that have since been changed and are no longer seen as appropriate. >> but some critics say the white house is simply letting criminals run free. susan is joining us to share her thoughts on the issue. professor of law and political science at usc and fox news contributor. great to see you. how are you? >> i'm great. >> this is controversy. some critics say they're ignoring the law. these people are criminals. they were sentenced and they're guilty and serving their time and shouldn't be let out now. >> you know, these laws, these mandatory minimum laws and some of these, you know, life sentence for nothing laws were passed at a time when the politics of crime was all about, you know, who is tougher? who is against, you know, who is on the side of the criminal and who is on the side of the victim
3:45 pm
and the result is thousands of people in federal prisons who have been there for over ten years have never committed any violent acts. you and i and taxpayers everywhere are spending tens of thousands of dollars to keep these people behind bars. and it just doesn't make a lot of sense as crime policy. it is part of the old politics in which no matter what the position was, you had to be tough or you would end up losing in an election because people said you were soft on crime. >> as you point out, there's some requirements. it has to be nonvie len, first of all. you have to serve a longer sentence than one you would get if you were sentenced today. you had to serve at least ten years. that's a big chunk of time. good conduct and no violent behavior or any violent past. some say this in a way is averting the law that people if
3:46 pm
they did sell drugs, or cracks, he did it and this could be subverting the law and they eventually somehow escape punishment. but your sense is that the politics has changed. >> well, look, as you know the law was way out of whack. i don't know how else to say it. there was a 100 to 1 disparity between the sentences for crack cocaine and exactly the same amount of powdered cocaine. so the reality is who uses crack tends to be lower income african americans. who uses powdered cocaine tends to be more middle class white americans. but the 100 to 1 disparity never made any sense and i have to be honest. i talked to so many politicians up to the very top about this issue and i never found anyone who could justify the 100 to 1 disparity on anything other than political grounds. that is, i don't want to be the one who tries to get rid of it
3:47 pm
because then i'll be accused of being soft on crime. i really think the question we should be asking is why were we spending all of this money to lock these people up for more than ten years and the irony is when the prisons get overcrowded, you know, they start letting people out and in many cases the people that get out are people who were much more dangerous to society. much more harm they have done than the people we're keeping in. >> so bottom line. >> you have to be smart about this stuff. >> bottom line you agree with this and think it will serve a service. >> i think it's long overdo and i think we should start being smart about crime policy and not just knee jerk and use prison cells for people who are dangerous. people who are violent. people who have done harm to others. and be smart about it rather than worry about being considered tougher than the next guy. >> susan, thank you so much for your insight today as always. >> thank you.
3:48 pm
>> of course you can read susan's sicolumn in newspapers across the country and it appears on wednesday and fridays. >> so the winter season has been tough and it may have been especially rough on your tires. up next, the folks from consumer reports join us to give us important tips on what you need to know to keep yourself on the road and your car up to speed.
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well, without a doubt, it has been's pretty bad winter in the country and that bad weather can do a number on your carc. >> they can wear out. and we'll have adescrows on how to take care of your tires. eric, you asked how often you should change your tires? >> you are driving on your tires, 50 or 60? >> thort. even though the tires last a long time. to get the most out of your tires, routinely check your tires, do it monthly we suggest.
3:53 pm
it seeps like a lot of work, but you can get an idea of how your tires are operating. we tell people go out to the car and visually inspect the tires and look for cuts and bulges and cracks in the side wall. and have them replaced and check the inflation pressure. something that people rarely do. a lot of people are running around in underinflatted tires and this is an insure the shoulders are worn smooth but you have tread left. that is underinflation. what about overinflate. what happens, people when they inflate the tires, they do it by the side of the tire. that is maximum. you should always go back to the car, what it reminds and usually
3:54 pm
there it is a tire information on the dorjamb. and so what is happening here, you running on a tire that is overinflated, the center is running out faster. >> what if you are riding around and you need your car realigned. >> and this winter has been tough. >> yeah, pot holes. >> it is tough on your cars and tires. what happens, your tires are not rolling flat on the ground any longer and in this example. where you are wearing out one shoulder and the rest of the tire looks practically now. >> this is a good tire. >> this tire is nearly worn out but it is worn smooth.
3:55 pm
and you can so in the example why i say it is worn out. every tires have tread indicator. and as it wears, these indicator grow flush. >> are they veteran? >> you will so them in every major groove. >> it means it is time to change. >> when you so these bars moving. that is a visual sign to get tires. >> and they will penetrate. and i like the penny. and it happens to be the top of incon's head is a gauge. and put it any one groove. you see the top of his head
3:56 pm
flush to the tread that mean its is worn out. nstick around. harris faulkner is up next with the fox report. enjoy your saturday. thank you. i'm m-a-r-y and i have copd.
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i am harris faulkner and we are watching two developing stories right now. millions of americans in several states are bracing for what forecasters call a multiple day outbreak of severe weather packing tornados and it is moving in tonight. eastern europe. russian jets violated the air space of the neighboring nation of ukraine, that nation is on edge. >> also on the fox report. hours away from the dawn of a historic day of the cathlec church. one ceremony elevating two popes to sainthood. the fox reports.


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